Blair Consular Services Ltd is Europe’s oldest and largest consular agent, operating from 3 offices in the U.K, and our newly opened U.S office in Washington D.C. In addition to these locations we also provide a number of ‘in-house’ operations.

Established in 1967, we specialise in providing bespoke export documentation solutions for a wide range of national and international clients.

Our service was initially introduced to provide an effective certification and legalisation service for commercial shipping documents for Air Freight agents at London’s Heathrow airport.

Employing over 65 members of staff and operating a fleet of 15 courier vehicles in the U.K, the company is now the European market leader in providing specialist export services to customers worldwide.

Working in partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce, who also provides our Head Office in London with an in-house Chamber certification department, we offer a complete export documentation service for both commercial and legal documents. This includes the completion of E.U & Arab Certificates of Origin for manufacturers and freight forwarders, the processing of health & regulatory certificates for pharmaceutical companies, preparation of corporate documentation for I.P and legal departments, and the procurement of visas and passports for the business traveller. Our own courier drivers provide an extensive collection and delivery service to Embassies, Chambers, Banks and other departments all across the U.K. We also have our own dedicated courier company, Inter-Company Despatch, on-site at our London office, which enables us to deliver documentation and passports to addresses overseas with the minimum of delay.

We offer a truly global service, using our Head Office in London as the legalisation ‘hub’, and we currently service a large number of clients located all over Europe, whose current local procedures may prove problematic, slow or too expensive.

Our latest and most popular online service is brought to you here. Quickcert is a unique online documentation service that allows you to create, submit and receive checked, authorised and certified export documents within hours, even minutes.

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